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Domestic or commercial buildings require proper drainage systems to maintain a fresh supply of water and to remove waste to the sites where it can be treated and disposed of. 

On the contrary if an issue occurs, the consequences are felt both in the short and long run. Contributing both to the quality of the home and life. Here at Kavan Groundworks & Civils LTD we have the latest technology and professional staff and our aim for excellence is the ultimate goal.

Great service from Kavan Groundworks & Civils, they came out the same day within 3 hours as promised, the engineers were very helpful and professional. They cleared the problem very quickly at a very reasonable price. Would definitely use  this company again.

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Drainage Coventry
Blocked Drains Coventry
Drainage Coventry
Blocked Drains Coventry


There are many reasons that contribute to the blocking of drains and the severity of such blocks

The most common causes of drain blockage are:

  • Excessive use of the toilet paper
  • Food wastage
  • Foreign objects like keys and toys
  • Hair
  • Hygiene products e.g. wet wipes
  • Soaps

In the case of the drain being blocked but otherwise undamaged, the natural progression would be to remove the blockage and clean the pipes. We use a wide variety of methods like tools such as drain rods which are utilized to dislodge blockage and water jetting systems. Water jet systems are quiet effective at blasting away stubborn blockages like fat, grease etc. owing to their high pressure systems. If you have Blocked Drains in Coventry then give us a call for a FREE quote.


Sometimes blockages can damage pipes or allow them to become misaligned or they might simply wear away due to age. Sometimes they can become blocked due to root ingress, paper towels, blue roll or other household items. In such circumstances the pipes need to be replaced and unblocked. This method is both cost effective and non destructive. By using the drain relining method the life span of the drains can be stretched by almost 50 years or so.



Stormwater attenuation tanks are ideal if you’re looking for a bespoke and cost-effective solution to control the flow of water back to a watercourse or drainage system. They are commonly used for larger commercial applications.  

What is an attenuation tank?

There’s no denying that attenuation tanks and soakaway crates use the same core products, however, they remove water in very different ways.

Simply put, a soakaway ‘soaks’ water back into the soil whilst an attenuation tank holds and redirects it to another place.

Stormwater attenuation tanks provide a storage system for rainwater and surface water. The stored water inside the attenuation tank is released via a flow-control chamber and is either pumped via a pumping chamber or run-off through a gravity stormwater pipe system. The surface water run-off is slowed down before it is discharged into the local watercourse (i.e. a river or reservoir) or sewer system, effectively reducing the risk of localised flooding.

Why use an attenuation tank?

Legislation has put a lot of pressure on local planning authorities and specifiers to implement systems to prevent flooding. The idea is to design a system that can deal with the flow at the source – rather than downstream – but, in the meantime, a stormwater attenuation tank will do the job just fine.

This is an alternative to soakaway crates or an elevator. Where the previous two methods of storm attenuation simply catch water from their surrounding area, a separate tank has the ability to capture water from a very wide area using connected pipes and collect it all together in one huge tank for distribution.

They are generally preferred on larger commercial applications because they can be quicker to install than other stormwater attenuation systems.

How do attenuation tanks work?

The way an attenuation tank works is simple.

It is designed to collect the excess rainwater and hold it back temporarily. The beauty of such systems is that they have a flow-control chamber that controls the amount of water being pumped into the drainage system – releasing it at a rate that the infrastructure can cope with.

During periods of heavy rainfall, the water that would be typically backing up is fed into the crate system and held in the stormwater attenuation tank until it is ready to re-join the main system. It is then returned to the watercourse, at a regular rate, to prevent flooding downstream.




We have over 20 years of satisfied customers and competent and hardworking experts.


We ensure that we fulfil the timelines we commit. Curbing the potential extra costs incurred by clients in the face of delays. We value your time. As a drainage blockage may occur in the most odd instances, here at Kavan Groundworks & Civils LTD provide a round the clock phone service allowing our valued clients to reach us immediately without any hesitation or doubts. All you need to do is pick up the phone and let us know. We will take care of the rest, on time and under the budget.

Professional oversight

Providing professional oversight from the point of creative inception till the finishing touches, we insure the trust of our clients. We assist the client in installation, servicing and repair of your drainage systems, accompanied with competitive pricing for the long term maintenance agreements with a wide variety of clients. We provide a complete guide and solutions to the matter at hand.

Free no obligation quotations

We try to make your life as stress free as possible for us. For this very reason we provide a free no obligations quotations for the work required by our valued client upon proper investigations and surveys. The clients are welcome to walk away in case of any dissatisfaction. But we are confident in our abilities to rectify your problems. Our team of experienced experts with hands on applications for remedies and our most affordable rates are a no brainer.

Technical innovations

Kavan Groundworks & Civils LTD incorporates technological advancements to enhance our results. We use state of the art CCTV Drainage Survey Equipment to look at the problem visually to help us locate and fix the blocked drains, carry out drain relining and so much more. It is not uncommon for drainage issues to occur, lucky for you we have you covered all the way around with expertise ranging to a great degree regarding the issue. With state of the art floor drainage system, we ensure your satisfaction.

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Here at Kavan Groundworks & Civils LTD strive day in and day out to provide you a one door solution to all your drainage concerns ranging from the initial consultancy and design to the exquisite finished product. With expertise in every aspect of drainage Exeter ranging from comprehensive drain clearance to gutter cleaning; our satisfied customers are our greatest treasure. We are confident that your trust in us will be as rewarding as is your satisfaction for us. We look forward to your valued feedback.